Where to Find Discount Bonsai Trees

A Brief History of Bonsai

Roughly translated as “to cultivate in a tray”, bonsai is the act of containing a tree or shrub to a small pot and frequently grooming its branches, thus ensuring the plant maintains a small but majestic stature. The art of growing and caring for bonsai trees is an ancient tradition originating in Japan over one thousand years ago. Indigenous bonsai had to endure Japan’s frigid temperature, so as a result the art was first practiced on robust trees like maple and pine. However, bonsai have become increasingly popular in the United States due to most native plants’ durability and the sense of style and grace a tree brings to any living space.

Examples Of Bonsai

From the constant prosperity of the evergreen variety, to the fruits and foliage of deciduous types of trees, the development and nurturing of bonsai is an honorable and entertaining activity. Gardeners can cultivate the allegorical ‘ishizuki’, a single bonsai woven around a stone, suggesting a lone surviving warrior after a battle. Those preferring a verdant scene can choose the ‘yosevye’, several trees composing a miniature forest. For growers with dedication, the ‘mame’ variety branches out to no more than seven inches in height and are the most fragile, yet rare and challenging type of bonsai.

Valuable Beauty At Valued Prices

Bonsai are the symbols of longevity and strength and make fantastic gifts for family and friends of all ages. The elegance and colorful history of the bonsai tree provides a riveting conversation piece, as well as a task of discipline and flourishing rewards for dedicated planters. However, as lavish as a healthy bonsai may be, thrifty gardeners have a variety of places to find inexpensive trees and accessories. Here are several options for procuring bonsai trees on a budget.

Convenient Locations To Purchase Discount Trees

The prospective bonsai buyer need not look further than their own home town to find deals. Those with limited internet access or questions on growing and maintaining the perfect plant can look in a phone book to find the proper location. Local businesses provide immediate results when the urge to start a bonsai project beckons.

Local nurseries are perfect for day time shoppers to peruse various types of bonsai and create a mental shopping list for future purchases. For those unfamiliar with online shopping, the ease of browsing prospective plants and an ability to speak face to face with knowledgeable sales representatives aids any anxiety for new bonsai owners. Nurseries are also best for obtaining seedlings and cuttings to start a bonsai from scratch.

Garden shows, often labelled as “conventions“, are frequently held once a year in big cities. Most shows are a day-long event, with local and international vendors, demonstrations and informative lectures. Garden shows provide entertainment for the whole family and a chance to shop around for discounts or barter for the best deal with open-minded merchants.

County fairs often take place during the summer in rural areas and are great for both observing and acquiring beautiful bonsai. Local gardening clubs and after school associations, such as the Future Farmers of America, exhibits their prized plants. Additionally, nurseries set up booths to sell mature plants in various sizes and prices.

Bonsai on the Internet: Bonsaiboy.com

Shoppers with busy work schedules or a lack of bonsai retailers within their area may scour internet search engines for the best deals on their preferred trees. The vastness of the World Wide Web accommodates reviews of trustworthy companies and warns against scams. However, shipping a live product is risky and many sites do not insure against damage or even guarantee the tree will be alive upon delivery.

Nevertheless, one online retailer stands out in their effort to provide the highest quality bonsai trees and accessories. Founded in 1993, Bonsai Boy of New York at bonsaiboy.com promises total customer satisfaction and quality products at fair prices. This website features an extensive catalogue of bonsai, including trees under $30 and a frequently updated sale section. Bonsai Boy of New York is perfect for both the seasoned bonsai enthusiast and the first-time bonsai buyer, as each product is listed with a thorough description and specific owner recommendations.

Bonsai Boy of New York provides the utmost customer service, with free shipping on overstocked trees and the added bonus of a customer rewards program. Frequent buyers or those purchasing three or more trees receive 10% off of their total purchase at check out. Bonsai Boy of New York also includes a helpful Frequently Asked Questions page with advice on the upkeep and nurturing of their bonsai trees. An easy to follow search feature additionally allows customers to specify an age and price of their preferred bonsai tree, while an accommodating page makes it simple to keep tabs on the shipping progress of an order with a tracking number provided at check out. Bonsai Boy of New York provides ultimate convenience for shoppers and a guaranteed secure purchase with a risk free guarantee.

Bonsai: An Affordable Piece of History

Ultimately, owning and caring for a bonsai is a worthwhile adventure that doesn’t have to break the bank. These wondrous trees are meant to require more tender love and care than actual government tender. With the possibility of a life spanning over several human generation, bonsai are the most admirable of investments. The benefits of owning a bonsai are plentiful, as demonstrated by the tree’s unfaltering popularity and numerous locations to become versed on this timeless art. Trees supply a beautiful addition to home decor and enjoyment for both observers and proud nurturers.