Natural Style Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture


Have you been considering getting yourself one of those gorgeous bonsai trees for your office? Your desk is lacking a touch of nature, and a bonsai tree seems like the perfect breath of fresh air, doesn’t it?

However, there are issues with putting a living plant in your office. If you have co-workers with allergies, rules in the workplace that don’t allow trees, or other obstacles, you really should consider an alternative.

What if you actually want a tree, if only for the aesthetics? You have a great solution in this case: wire bonsai trees. These are miniature bonsais that look just like the real thing (sometimes even better), and they’re sculpted carefully out of wire!

They’re beautiful to look at and are very different indeed when you compare them to the boring real trees so many people have on their desks.

You can either make your own wire bonsai tree sculpture (yes, you really can!) or you can get one that has been made for you. Either way works out fine, so we are going to show you how to do both. Here’s how you can make your very own bonsai tree sculpture:

Making The Roots of the Bonsai Tree

Make sure you measure each of the wires carefully, and then cut them all out to equal size. This is veery important if you don’t want an ugly wire bonsai tree sculpture at the end of it.

Then, fold the wires in half, making the shape of the letter U for each of them.

Place your finger in the curve and wrap the two ends around each other in such a way that they are bound together with a little loop at the bottom. This loop is what will become the roots of your tree.

Now, take a pair of small pliers. It is time to make an actual root system. Taking the loop, divide it into about 3 smaller, wrapped wire sections with tiny loops at the end of each. Have each large loop turn into 2 or 3 smaller loops.

Keep twisting the wires together, so they are tightly wound around each other. Repeat this process for the rest of the wire strands that you have for your wire sculpture bonsai tree. At the end of it, cut off the tips of the tiny loops using wire cutters to make ends.

Get Your Wires and Decide on Size

Your first step must be to get some 24 gauge wiring. This is commonly sold at bonsai shops as well as hardware stores. About 11 strands of the wiring should be fine. When deciding on the length of the wires, think about how tall you want your bonsai tree sculpture to be.

For example, if you want the tree to be 10” tall, multiply 10 by 2.5 to get the necessary length of each strand of wire. This is a simple calculation and applies to heights measured in metric units as well.

Stem and Branches

For the top half or the stem and branches of your wire bonsai tree sculpture, take all your wire strands and twist them together. Keep the “roots” clumped together and twist from the very bottom. You should have a nice, thick stem forming.

Let it twist around all the wires for about a couple of inches until you get to a height that you think branches should start to appear. At this point, separate four of the wire strands from the bigger clump. Make sure you take two from one side of the bunch and two from the other.

Once you have all four strands in hand, you can start making the wire branches of your bonsai tree. Twist the four strands together tightly for a few inches, then take two of the strands and twist them separately. Repeat for the remaining two strands. This will create a system of branches instead of one boring branch. Try to balance out the distances between each split, from the stem and first branch to the second branch and so on.

Keep going with the rest of the original stem strands until you get to a point where you decide you want another branch. Take four strands and repeat. Keep doing this as often as you want until you have a tree! You can now decorate your very own wire bonsai tree sculpture with whatever you want to, putting it in a pot if you desire too!


Whether you want to make your very own wire bonsai tree sculpture, or you want to leave it in the hands of master craftsmen, the result is the same. You are going to be the proud owner of a gorgeous, unique, and artistic bonsai tree that suits any situation with perfection.

You’ll have the envying eye of everyone in the office on you, especially because you will never have to worry about cleaning up any messes the soil and leaves of a real tree would make! So get out there and get your hands on one of these perfect wire sculptures today.

Dogwood on Lawn Wire Tree Sculpture


The trunk and the branches of this sculpture of a dogwood tree on a green lawn are made out of two types of steel wire – 20 gauge and 26 gauge. This results in a nice ironwood appearance to the tree, as the stem is a matte finish in gray.

Leaves are numerous, hammered out of brass wiring, with little twigs to simulate a more natural appearance. Because of the two types of wiring used in the tree, there is more diversity in the sculpture, along with a lot more color. It also brings the sculpture closer to being realistic.

The gorgeous wire sculpture is set in a round base that simulates a grassy lawn. This is done using painted sands for durability and a longer lifetime. Overall, this is an absolutely gorgeous bonsai tree for your home or office space. You can find a gorgeous version of this tree right here!

Willow Mini Wire Tree Sculpture


The Willow is one of the most asked for types of bonsai tree. It is small, beautiful and works well in any setting. The wire tree sculpture of the willow is made out of steel wiring again, this time of the 26 gauge variety.

It has the unique look of being windswept, such as one would expect a tree by the seaside to be – it leans very realistically. This adds to the lifelike appearance of the sculpture, which has to be handcrafted for the best possible look. It is small and easy to place anywhere and is just 4 inches tall.

The willow mini tree is set in solid glass that has been covered with sand taken from the sea. The sand and gravel on the “ground” have been painted too so that they look like an earthy soil covered in moss. You can find a prime example of this handcrafted beauty here for sale.

Hammered Leaves Wire Tree Sculpture


The forest scene is a collection of wire sculpture bonsai trees instead of a single one. The trees are meant to resemble the legendary Black Forest. All the sculptures are constructed using black steel wiring for a more authentic appearance.

The thickness of the wiring is 22 gauge, which provides a nice, fine and grainy texture for the trees. A clump of trees is present, set into a base that is made out of a gorgeous, hand-polished block of granite. It has little pads under it for more friction of the base against your wooden or metal office desk.

A great example of this beautiful yet eerily haunting forest scene of wire bonsai tree sculptures can be found right here.