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Bonsai Tree Humidity / Drip Trays

Introduction When caring for a bonsai tree or garden, people often focus on the tools and methods for shaping and arranging, with little consideration given to watering and managing soil. But once a garden is in place, water or moisture…

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Bonsai Tree Tools

Bonsai Tree Display Tables

The aesthetic created by the development of Bonsai of course includes trees, garden arrangements, stones and the pot itself. But the presentation is not complete if the surface on which it is placed does not have the same feel. So…

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Bonsai Tree Styles
Formal Upright – Chokkan Basis of bonsai style The trunk of the tree is perfectly upright and straight, with the apex of the trunk directly over the base. Branches are regular, and progressively decrease in width and level of foliage from...
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