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We are bonsai experts and we want to share our knowledge, skills, and experiences with you.

It is our vision and mission to educate every reader about the benefits of taking care of bonsais, including their environmental contribution, health impacts, and business-generating roles and influences.

Bonsai care is considered a form of art combined with science and technology, bringing us to the old times and giving promising results in the future.

We are unique and valuable because we contribute not just to the bonsai community but to the world at large, opening the eyes of people, most especially the youth about the importance of taking care Mother Earth by preserving trees through bonsais.

Everybody can take part in our journey, igniting people’s interests in growing bonsai and enhancing bonsai styling creative skills and talents.

We like to be the voice of the bonsai enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals by encouraging real bonsai growers to share their insights, ideas, and experiences with the world!

Our Contributors

We have 3 major bonsai authors and contributors including Asashi Nakamura from Japan, Wilbert Simson of the United States, and Renzo Del Castillo, a Mexican-American who lives in San Francisco, California.

Asashi Nakamura is a self-taught bonsai grower who has a deep passion for taking care of bonsai trees, particularly pine, juniper, Japanese maple, and Fukien tea bonsais, making up his great bonsai collection at home.

Wilbert Simson lives in North Carolina and loves to share his thoughts about the most interesting and unusual things about bonsai trees, including their applications and benefits in real life.

Renzo Del Castillo is an agriculturist who also love bonsais and shares his general care tips to his readers.

One important factor that binds the three is their love for bonsais, making each article a fruit of passion, dedication, and commitment, giving readers a fun and exciting reading experience every time!

Asashi Nakamura

Asashi Nakamura is a bonsai lover and enthusiast who is self-learned because of his deep passion for caring plants. He is interested in pine, juniper, japanese maple, and fukien tea bonsais, making up his great bonsai collection at home.

Wilbert Simson

Wilbert Simson is a bonsai enthusiast who loves to find out cool things about bonsais. He likes to explore the best benefits of bonsai for health, business, and the whole society as a whole. Bonsais are very interesting plants with a lot of meanings and used in different applications such as decorative live ornaments on special events like weddings and anniversaries.

Renzo Del Castillo

Renzo Del Castillo is a bonsai hobbyist and expert since he is an Agriculture graduate. He is devoted in sharing his knowledge and expertise to his readers through his blogs, providing general bonsai are tips and resolving the most common problems bonsai growers face.

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Bonsai Tree Gardener aims to provide general care tips and tricks to first-time growers and enhance the technical know-how of those who need more guidance in bonsai growing. This is an avenue to find contributions from real bonsai growers themselves, helping people appreciate bonsais to the fullest.

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