Plant Apps

Throughout the pandemic, taking care of plants has gained popularity. As we all know, not everyone is born with a green thumb, so conforming to this trend can be challenging, especially for those who struggle to care for even one plant. However, having a digital companion like a plant app may be an excellent place to start learning about plants and bring you that much closer to becoming an official plant parent.

Although gardening can provide you a break from screens, there are several plant apps that can be useful tools for those who enjoy learning about different types of plants. You’ve certainly searched for a plant-related topic on Google and ended up on an online gardening forum before, don’t you? But did you know that there are great plant applications available that can help you with identifying new plants and resolving your plant problems? Discover the top plant-care app for your green collection!

Plant Apps

Here are some of the apps for taking care of plants that you will surely find very helpful:

1. Planta

Even the most dedicated gardeners experience this: the days go by and their dying, drooping plant suddenly tells them that it needs water. If you’re worried about not taking care of your plants, the Planta app can definitely help. In order to ensure that you never forget about your plants again, it lets you set reminders and notifications for watering, fertilizing, pruning, and repotting. Of course, depending on your location and the season, different care tips are given. Lastly, you can upload images of your plants throughout time to monitor their development.

2. PlantSnap

PlantSnap is the most user-friendly app available and is excellent for identifying plants while you’re out and about. The app’s name says it all! Simply take a photo of a plant, and you’ll receive the information you need. As soon as you launch it, the app opens directly to the camera so you can take a picture of the plant you’re attempting to identify. The program can recognize up to 90% of the known plant species and has a database of over 600,000 plants. The name of the plant and a link to with details about it will be displayed once it has been identified. Additionally, PlantSnap lists websites where you can buy the plants online!

3. Gardenia

The Gardenia app allows gardeners to discover the watering, fertilizing, and potting needs of their plants. The app can be used for indoor plants, but its main purpose is to help outdoor gardeners. You can set task reminders using its appealing interface’s garden manager. For thousands of different species, Gardenia also provides useful gardening tips. Of course, don’t forget to use the weather monitor that uses your location to deliver personalized gardening advice depending on your temperature, humidity, and rainfall levels.

4. Vera

Vera from Bloomscape provides a simple, user-friendly interface for keeping track of all your indoor plants. By using Vera, you may keep a plant journal where you can express your thoughts on your foliage and save images of it. All of this is possible when you click on the pages for your individual plants, in addition to creating personalized watering, fertilizing, and other routines. Likewise, each page includes simple maintenance instructions from Bloomscape’s in-house experts.

5. PictureThis

When you snap a photograph of your plant and share it with the app, you’ll be provided with an ID as well as maintenance tips. PictureThis application can be helpful in identifying that intriguing houseplant labeled “tropical foliage” when you’re visiting your local nursery. This app can identify the problems with plants and provide suggestions for solutions. You may also go over the helpful plant guides and ask the botanists working on the app any questions you might have. Furthermore, you’ll be able to create reminders for tasks relating to plants, such as watering and fertilizing them.

6. Florish

Florish will undoubtedly be useful to beginner indoor plant collectors. Start your plant adventures by completing quizzes from Florish to determine which plants will be suitable for your environment. Growing houseplants might be intimidating at first. If you already have a few plants, look through the app for advice on how to keep them healthy. Additionally, Florish has a light meter that may be used to determine the appropriate plants for your lighting conditions. You may also find useful advice and current design trends in Florish’s “Discover” section to help you place your indoor plants wisely. Unfortunately, this application is only available in the App Store for the time being.

7. Garden Answers

Getting to know your plants could facilitate a close connection. By taking a picture of them, Garden Answers can instantly identify it for you. It can recognize a plant from a picture of its flower, seed, or leaves. It gives more detailed information about your plants, including their common and botanical names, as well as other interesting details. You can analyze recent search history and save your favorite plants. Not only that, but with its “Ask a Horticulturist” feature, which may answer in 24 hours, can address your questions regarding your plant problems.

8. Plantix – your crop doctor

Perhaps even plants aren’t always feeling well. Having said that, you might use the Plantix app to treat your plants. It is indeed a mobile crop advisory app that growers and gardeners should use. You can learn about the problems with your houseplants and a possible remedy with Plantix. It works by taking a picture of your crop to identify problems and get treatment recommendations. It also features a community of gardeners who share their opinions and advice on how to take care of plants.

9. My Jungle House Plant Care

My Jungle is another application for scheduling and reminding you to take care of plants. With the help of this program, you can design your own digital jungle, modify the names of your plants, and even look up other flora in the library. Also, you might be able to view and modify the profile of your plant with this. Finally, there is a library feature as well, with information about unknown plant species.

10. Plantiary: Plant Care and Water Reminder

For your gardening, a planting helper like Plantiary might also be necessary. The name of the app suggests that it functions as a plant journal. With the help of this application, you can keep track of your indoor or outdoor plants at home by listing their name and location. It has plant-care reminders that let you set a schedule for when to fertilize or water them. Additionally, you can make a list of plants and arrange them according to pictures for simpler identification. Furthermore, it gives advice on how to find out more about planting and caring for them.

Final Words

That is it, then! Like we said earlier, it may seem odd to use an app for a physical activity like gardening, but many of them include useful data and management tools to keep you on track with your plant-care routine. You’ll need a means to organize your plant collection and set up maintenance reminders as it grows. There is an app out there that will meet your plant-related needs, whether you’re trying to identify unusual new species or want to keep a regular plant-tending schedule.

On the other hand, these apps only serve as a reference. Keep in mind that you still have control over how your planting journey goes. Perhaps your efforts to care for plants will be successful once you have more knowledge, understanding, and love for them. You’re off to a great start on your journey as a proud plant parent!