Hobbit Tree House

The hobbits of Middle Earth created by J.R.R. Tolkien are much-loved creatures appreciated for their peaceful farming and home-loving lifestyles. Since the publication of Tolkien’s work in 1937, and especially as a result of the increasing interest today in sustainability, people are starting to use the descriptions Tolkien so vividly shared with his readers to build homes in which any hobbit would be proud to live.

Hobbit Tree House Exterior

It stands to reason, then, that if you love Tolkien’s books you might want to use the detailed descriptions to build a hobbit-styled home that speaks to your sense of connection with the environment around you. If the hobbit house were to be situated in a tree, then a child-like sense of adventure could be fulfilled every time you entered the house. It’s not surprising that, due in part to the popularity of Tolkien’s books, hobbit tree house plans are getting increasing notice.

The Features

Most people familiar with hobbits would immediately note that the diminutive creatures live underground rather than in the trees. While it’s true that they aren’t tree dwellers, most hobbits in Tolkien’s world live above ground, unless they’re the more well-to-do hobbits. The common feature of a hobbit’s home, the perfectly round doors and windows usually painted green, are faithfully translated into spheres that accommodate the appliances and home comfort systems people require today.

Hobbit Tree House Interior

If you’re a hobbit aficionado who doesn’t have a hill on your property in which to build a hobbit hole house, or you simply like tree houses, you can purchase plans or an already-built hobbit tree house. The house takes the architectural elements of the hobbit hole home and moves them up into a tree house that can be a perfect get-away office, retreat or play space for children.

Since a full-sized home just isn’t possible in a tree, a build-it-yourself hobbit house makes liberal use of the tight design elements found in sailboats. The tree houses usually come in two different sizes, with the smaller sphere measuring nine feet in diameter and the larger sphere measuring ten and a half feet. The hobbit tree houses are perfect spheres that are built using methods quite similar to those seen in sailboat design. A wood frame is covered with wood strips to create the sphere. Another option is a fiberglass sphere. Once the shell is in place, the interior can be constructed.

The hobbit tree house interior also resembles a sailboat or even a camper in its multi-purpose design. Bunk beds and seating areas do double duty as storage areas. Some of the hobbit tree houses include a very small but functional galley kitchen. Electrical wiring to support appliances and heating options is also a common component of the hobbit tree house, which makes it an attractive all-season option, even when the temperature outside drops well into the single digits. The only thing missing is a bathroom. Since plumbing is usually difficult to include in a tree house, an outhouse at the bottom of the tree is the most frequent option.

DIY Hobbit Tree House

You can construct a hobbit tree house from do-it-yourself plans or purchase it as a unit ready to be installed. Because of its smaller size, a constructed unit can be shipped to the purchaser in one piece. A hobbit tree house distributes its load between three different trees so that movement of the structure is minimized while allowing the trees to move freely. It takes workers just a few days to place the tree house and build the access components, such as stairs or even suspension bridges. When the owner is ready to remove the hobbit tree house, it can be done quickly and in a way that shows no signs that the tree house was ever there.

Hobbit Tree House Landscape

The cost of a hobbit tree house depends on whether it is constructed entirely of wood or fiberglass. A fiberglass shell is much less expensive than a wooden shell. The fiberglass shell can be purchased for just under $6,500, while a wooden shell will be more expensive. Kits that include everything needed to build the hobbit tree house start at about $35,000. Already constructed tree houses that are installed typically run from $45,000 for a fiberglass shell up to $150,000 for a wooden structure.

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool hobbit fan, someone who wants to make as little impact as possible on the environment or a parent or grandparent looking for an unusual play structure for your family, you’ll appreciate the options a hobbit tree house offers. You and your family can relax, play, meditate or observe wildlife together in your hobbit tree house for hundreds of hours as you enjoy the fresh air and the gentle swaying of your very own hideaway.

Written By: Donald Alvord at Bonsai Tree Gardener