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Bonsai Tree Guide

Bonsai Tree Intro

Whenever the word Bonsai is heard, the first thing that comes to almost everyone’s mind is the picture of a small tree growing on a tiny pot, and that the word is somehow connected to the Asian culture. Even those who have more knowledge about Bonsai than the average person usually know no more than that Bonsai is a Japanese art form where small tress are grown by investing a lot of time, care and dedication on them.

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Bonsai Tree Shaping

Shaping a Bonsai tree is the key to obtaining a gorgeous Bonsai worthy of display. In order to shape a Bonsai, growers must practice proper pruning. Repotting will also play a role in the shape and size of the plant.

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Bonsai Tree Techniques

Bonsai trees are actually normal plants that are cultivated through various techniques to obtain it’s dwarfed appearance. Training a Bonsai tree isn’t impossible for a beginner, but it does require a certain approach and patience.

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Bonsai Tree Types

There are many different types of plants used when making Bonsai trees. Bonsai trees are traditionally created from woody-stemmed trees and shrubs. Lotus Flower, Peony, Pine, and Plum blossoms are frequently utilized.

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Bonsai Tree Care

The shape and appearance of Bonsai trees are very unique and require special manipulation in order to achieve the desired look. Certain techniques are used to stunt the trees growth and create a miniature version of the tree or shrub.

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How To Bonsai Tree

Read & review our How To Guides on how to care of and master various techniques for your bonsai tree.

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