Bonsai Gift Ideas

Are you searching for the ideal present to give to your friends or loved ones? If what you have in mind right now is a candle or a towel, I’m telling you, you better give it some second thought.

Is Giving Bonsai as a Gift a Good Idea?

When you think of wonderful gifts, of course, a bonsai tree must be on your list! They would be perfect for a new interest or activity because they make thoughtful and creative gift ideas and are frequently sold as a beginner’s bonsai kit. These kits would include bonsai fertilizer and pruning shears to maintain the bonsai’s health and promote tree development.

Growing bonsai is enjoyable, and they add a touch of nature to the home. They make excellent gifts for absolute beginners or anyone who adores plants, because you don’t need any prior knowledge.

Additionally, bonsai trees represent great things like friendship, serenity, and harmony, as well as love and dedication. They are also used as gifts for sympathy and many other events.

In this article, we’ll talk about giving bonsai as gifts and provide ideas on how to pick the best ones.

What Steps Are Taken When Choosing a Bonsai Tree?

In contrast to bouquets of flowers, bonsai trees are intended to last for a very long period. In fact, if properly taken care of, a lifetime. Given that bonsai trees can be challenging to maintain, there are a few things to bear in mind before buying one for someone.

First, would they want to have the bonsai inside or outside? Although most individuals will prefer indoor trees as gifts because they detest going outside, not all bonsai are inside trees. If you think the recipient of this gift would appreciate an indoor tree, you’re able to choose from any subtropical or tropical tree species. 

Make sure you aren’t trying to acquire an outdoor tree for them because species that are grown outdoors, like a Japanese White Pine, wouldn’t be able to thrive indoors in the hot environment all year. An outdoor species can be ideal if the person who will be receiving the bonsai gift has a green thumb and enjoys spending every day in the garden. There are some incredibly wonderful outdoor bonsai to pick from, such as the Crab apple, which blooms beautifully in the summer.

The second step is to consider what they might genuinely love. Unfortunately, you’ll have to check it yourself. You might be able to guess what sort of bonsai the person would prefer as a present if you know them very well.

Naturally, as your go-to resource, we’ve provided a selection of the perfect indoor and outdoor bonsai trees for gifts below!



One of the most widely used indoor bonsai species is Ficus. There are more than 800 different kinds of Ficus, but only two are excellent indoor growers and are simple enough to care for to be ideal as beginner trees.

  • Ficus benjamina

Weeping fig Ficus benjamina has fascinating roots, beautiful foliage, and is an evergreen, quick-growing tree. It can be best structured as a formal or informal upright or in the shape of a weeping banyan tree. It is preferable to raise these from smaller trees rather than do trunk cuttings from larger trees because they scar easily and also don’t easily recover from major pruning incisions.

  • Ficus neriifolia

The willow-leafed fig, Ficus neriifolia, is recognized for its fine foliage, sturdy root system, and ramified branches.

The milky sap that oozes from cuts or wounds on Ficus bonsai is noted for its distinctive appearance. Some are also able to produce tiny flowers, but only certain insects can pollinate them.

These bonsai have the ability to grow aerial roots, but they need to be placed in an environment with humidity levels close to 100% in order to do so.

Chinese Elm

In addition to being excellent indoor plants, Chinese elms (Ulmus parvifolia) are among the simpler bonsai trees for beginners. Small leaves, wooden trunks, short nodes, and their quick development, combined with a highly predictable growth pattern, make it very simple for a beginner to establish a healthy and beautiful bonsai tree, whether inside a home or office.

Snow Rose

The snow rose, or Serissa japonica, is a woody-stemmed tree with tiny leaves and abundant, pretty, little flowers. It is an evergreen or semi-evergreen tree that thrives both indoors and outdoors and is also referred to as “the tree of a thousand stars.” Although it can bloom year-round, early spring through late autumn are when it is most active.

Fukien tea

The Fukien tea tree, also known as Carmona retusa or Ehretia microphylla, is endemic to the province of Southern China and can reach heights of more than a dozen feet if grown outside on the ground. But it also does well indoors, making it one of the most widely available mass-produced indoor bonsai species that big-box stores, fair vendors, and roadside vendors sell.



In general, juniper bonsai trees require less maintenance. Due to their forgiving nature, ease of shaping, and suitability for bonsai growing methods, they are the ideal starting bonsai trees for beginning gardeners. Juniper bonsai trees are the perfect species for practice because they are adaptable and versatile.


Bonsai pine trees are one of the most appreciated and well-known species when it pertains to bonsai tree cultivation. There are many different types of pine, or Pinus, that are suitable for bonsai, each of which has special qualities and incomparable beauty. So, whether a beginner or a professional, there is indeed a bonsai for them. This tree is hardy and adaptable, and it takes training and pruning well.


Japanese maples are among the most beautiful bonsai trees because of how simple they are to maintain and because they have spectacularly colorful fall foliage. These small trees have a modest growth pattern that declines as they get older. The layered branches of this tree with their distinctive palm-shaped leaves can be seen in the widely spread crown. Japanese maple bonsai are excellent for beginners and don’t need as much maintenance or ability to maintain their happiness as some other bonsai examples.

Best Substitute for Bonsai Tree

A bonsai tree is a wonderful gift to buy for someone because it will, perhaps, provide them delight for a very long time. A species that is inexpensive, simple to care for, and able to grow pleasantly whether indoors or outdoors will be the perfect bonsai tree to give. If you are still unable to find the perfect tree to give, consider purchasing bonsai-related tools instead. These items are wonderful presents for people who already own a number of bonsai trees. You may acquire these incredible and high-quality bonsai products, such as bonsai pots and humidity/drip bonsai trays, by just visiting our shop.

To Sum Up

Making sure your present will go well with the recipient’s interior is one of the most difficult aspects of providing home décor as a gift. Well, bonsai trees thrive pretty much everywhere! They can fit into almost any decor because they are tiny and earthy in color.

Additionally, there are numerous bonsai species and varieties available, including trees made for both indoor and outdoor display, as we have mentioned above. A few outdoor varieties yield berries that can be turned into jam or leaves that can be brewed into tea if the homeowner is enthusiastic about home cooking.

Finding the ideal bonsai for every home doesn’t require much work, and you can wow people with your gift while also showcasing your decorating prowess.