Zodiac Sign Matches Plant

Want to find your ‘soilmate’ now? It is about time to unleash that inner plant parent in you!

In doing so, sometimes what we all need is the proper plant to activate our innate plant senses. To accomplish this, think about using astrology to identify the ideal houseplant for you based on your personality, habits, and traits.

To guide you in identifying your ideal plant, we’ve put up a list of the best plants for each zodiac sign.

Pothos (Aquarius)

Humanitarians in heart, Aquarius plant parents work to improve the state of the world. They are quirky and despise any limitations that can prevent them from achieving their goals. The pothos is a fantastic fit for this sign because of its progressive personality combination.

Long trailing foliage with lovely white variegation on this plant is a reflection of an Aquarian’s imaginative side, outgoing demeanor, and eagerness to explore new things. It should come as no surprise that the Aquarian’s ideal plant is one that purifies the air and facilitates better breathing for others. 

ZZ Plant (Pisces)

This symbol is closely related to compassion and forgiveness. Because of their steadfast compassion, Pisces might be your best ray of sunshine. As a result, a ZZ plant makes the perfect friend for a Pisces.

These plants are very forgiving, even when owners fail to water them or provide them with the right intensity of light. Pisces plant parents will be able to give the finest care for ZZ plants since they appreciate and comprehend this plant’s tolerant and compassionate nature. 

Succulent (Aries)

When you meet an Aries, you’ll always know what to expect. These plant parents are direct and will always give you their unvarnished opinions. A succulent is the best pick for an Aries because of its qualities.

The only special care a succulent needs is frequent watering and plenty of light, so taking care of one is simple. The most striking types are those produced by sun-loving, colorful succulents. This shows the abundance of energy that an Aries has and their constant drive to be active. The architectural succulent leaves are symbolic of an Aries’ direct opinions and seemingly incisive tongue. But the reason for their candor is that they place a great value on being honest above everything else.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig (Taurus)

This sign is associated with extremely dedicated individuals who are always focused on the end goal. Taurus people work harder and longer to complete tasks so they can enjoy the benefits afterwards. You can expect that they will stay up late working and having fun because of their work-hard, play-hard attitude. Given this, it goes without saying that a fiddle-leaf fig is the ideal tree for this sign.

Both interior designers and apartment residents regard fiddle leaf figs as prized plants. Despite this plant’s reputation for needing a lot of attention, the Taurus is the perfect plant parent for it! This sign is characterized by tenacity, patience, and a commitment to seeing things through to completion. These characteristics, along with the Taurus obsession with luxury, will make them among the most devoted plant parents ever!

Philodendron (Gemini)

Geminis are forward-thinking and able to fit into practically any setting. They have a natural curiosity and are often seeking out new information. A Philodendron is a wonderful friend for a Gemini because of their shared sense of adaptability and openness!

Similar to many Geminis, this plant can grow in a variety of indoor situations and light levels. In particular, lace-leaved philodendrons are actually upright vines. The majority of vine plants, such as pothos and string of pearls, often hang low and drape around their planters in contrast to this. The Gemini sign’s natural feeling of positivity in the face of adversity is reflected in their bright, joyful leaves. A Gemini’s gregarious temperament and drive to discover new concepts are mirrored by the philodendron’s sprawling vines and enormous family, in which approximately 400 species are believed to exist.

Money Tree (Cancer)

These plant parents are emotional beings who act first from the heart rather than the mind. Cancers value their families and seek comfort in a joyful household. Beautiful money trees are the best choice for Cancers due to their deep roots and the plentiful positive energy they give out.

A money tree will benefit greatly from a Cancer’s nurturing character, which will spread happiness and prosperity throughout the house. Parents of cancer plants will discover further similarities with their plant. For example, a money tree’s preference for deep waterings reflects Cancer’s deep love for those close to them. Money trees’ gnarled trunks symbolize Cancer’s passion for a close-knit family. These plants have enormous sentimental significance, making them a valuable gift you can offer to a Cancer.

Bromeliad (Leo)

Some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet are Leos. People are drawn to them by their charm, and their brimming confidence enhances their attractive physical appearance. Bromeliads are the perfect plant for a Leo because of their general warmth and joy.

These hot-tempered tropical plants go great with Leos’ fiery personalities! Leo’s showy personality and eagerness to go on exciting experiences are also accurately reflected in a bromeliad’s vibrant colors and exotic roots. Bromeliads require little maintenance to survive. This is fantastic for Leo plant caregivers who might occasionally mistakenly ignore their plants.

Rubber Tree (Virgo)

A Virgo’s personality is driven by pragmatics and a keen eye for detail. Virgos are the kinds of people you can trust to offer support in any capacity and to produce the best job. The rubber tree is this sign’s plant mate because of their conservatism and tough work ethic.

The shiny green leaves of rubber trees frequently lead people to believe they are fake plants. Virgos, who can be misinterpreted due to their exceedingly high expectations of themselves and others, are the ones who can relate to this situation the most and appreciate it the most. This Virgo feature turns off some people. But Virgos are actually highly compassionate individuals who carry out all of their duties out of a sense of obligation to others. It is simple for Virgos to maintain a rubber tree plant on a regular basis due to their strong dedication and responsibility.

Monstera (Libra)

Libras are diplomatic individuals who strive for peace and balance in everything they do. They are socialites who prefer more sophisticated pursuits like going to the theater or visiting a museum. The only option for this sign is the monstera, which has a rich history in art and has recently had a surge in popularity. Libra plant parents are enchanted with beauty and art.

The symmetrically divided leaves of a monstera represent a Libra’s need for harmony and balance in all facets of life. When properly cared for, Monsteras can grow into hefty floor plants. Both symbolically and literally, this matches Libras perfectly. The lengthy, slouching leaves symbolize the lively social life of the Libras. The monstera also make an excellent conversation starter for any visitors to a Libra’s house.

Dracaena (Scorpio)

Scorpios are real at heart and do not hesitate to stand up for their own opinions. People born under this sign are in tune with their thoughts and tackle jobs with enthusiasm and ingenuity. Scorpios and dracaenas are identical due to their integrity.

The fact that dracaenas always communicate their needs to you is one of their best qualities. For instance, if they receive too much water, their leaves may begin to droop, become yellow, and eventually fall. Scorpios are among the few who will appreciate and respect a dracaena’s candor because they, too, are unafraid to speak their minds. The bright yellow-and-green leaves of this plant are also a representation of the fiery nature of a Scorpio.

Alocasia (Sagittarius)

You’ll discover that a lot of those born under the sign of Sagittarius are wanderers with lofty ideals. They have a tremendous sense of adventure and are eager to explore new ideas. The unusual and exotic alocasia plant has a lot in common with the enquiring Sagittarius.

Alocasias’ heart-shaped leaves and overall rarity make this plant stand out next to more traditional house plants. It’s very extroverted, just like its parents! This plant hails from the Philippines and speaks directly to a Sags’ travel-filled mind. These plants are also known for needing a little extra love and care, so Sags are perfect plant parents thanks to their steadfast desire to always achieve their goals.

Bonsai (Capricorn)

The definition of responsibility and discipline is embodied by Capricorns. They are intelligent and enjoy being in charge of various elements of their lives. Rules and tradition are essential to Capricorns. All of these characteristics are present in Capricorns by nature, which makes them the ideal parents for bonsai.

Maintaining bonsai is a long-standing custom with origins in ancient China. Later, Japanese Zen Buddhism transformed and refined this pastime. Bonsai maintenance is now regarded as an art form, and owners put a lot of work into it. It is the appropriate plant and the best practice for Capricorns due to the level of discipline required for it and its deep connections in tradition. If you’re new to bonsai and want to understand more about this art, our bonsai maintenance guide is a fantastic place to start.

Believing in Free Will

Now, you understand exactly what plants are predicted for you by the stars! But that does not imply you must stick to just that one. A great solution to enhance your mood and keep your plant partner company while you’re away is to pick up a few plant friends. When your plant begins to expand outside of its pot so that it can thrive, review our guide to repotting a plant if you want to become the ultimate plant parent. Make your own homemade plant food to feed your plants’ soil and keep it healthy and happy if you really want to take plant care to the next level.

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