Most Popular Plants

Having your own private haven of tranquility is fantastic, and growing an outside garden can be very satisfying. But even without a garden, you shouldn’t feel constrained. It’s definitely possible to grow a “jungle” inside your home!

Your favorite indoor plants may be collected with ease. It’s crucial to examine their needs and preferences, such as the amount of light and water they require to flourish and grow properly.

Therefore, having an apartment without an outside garden space does not preclude you from engaging in the wonderful and advantageous pastime of indoor gardening and plant collection.

You may always start out small and buy only a few low-maintenance ornamental plants to get you started if you are a newbie and have never had the experience of caring for houseplants before.

Your indoor plant collection might grow as you become more self-assured. Your decision as to how long to extend it is entirely up to you. But one thing is certain: regardless of your gardening experience, there is always something new to learn. 

What Advantages Can You Get from Having Ornamental Houseplants?

Decorative indoor plants can dramatically improve a home’s appeal, enhancing the interior decoration and unifying the space. Furthermore, cultivating plants inside has a number of positive health impacts.

There are benefits to having plants indoors besides the fact that they might enhance your physical wellness by reducing air dryness. Studies have proven that taking care of and tending to your houseplants can enhance your overall mood, lower anxiety and stress, and increase your energy and focus. Thus, studies have proven that plants can be quite good for your mental health. They will also significantly improve the aesthetics of your home, which virtually goes without saying.

We felt it was imperative to produce a list of recommended houseplants in order to assist you in starting your houseplant collection.

This article will not only help you learn about various indoor plants you may not have previously known about, but it will also show you how to put together a trendy indoor plant collection for this year. You do not need to have in-demand plants every year, but everyone can agree that fresh ideas are always appreciated.

Discover the most popular types of houseplants by reading on.

10 Popular Indoor Houseplants Throughout This Year

1. Kalanchoe

Even though kalanchoe isn’t the top trending plant for 2023, it is undeniably the most popular houseplant this year. The number of people searching for kalanchoe has significantly increased, according to Primrose’s Garden Trend Report. If you want to add additional color to your collection of houseplants, you should definitely take this plant into consideration. Interested in the appeal of kalanchoe? Kalanchoe is popular for a variety of reasons, including its long lifespan, brightly colored flowers, nocturnal oxygenator, and non-toxicity.

2. Strelitzia

Due to their avian-like appearance, strelitzia plants are also referred to as “bird of paradise” plants. It’s not a surprise that these plants reached the list of popular attractive houseplants given their name. This tropical plant is a show-stopper and a gorgeous addition to your plant collection with its bright orange blossom that resembles a bird’s head feathers and beautiful dark green foliage.

On the other hand, you have to bear in mind that strelitzia is poisonous to both people and animals, so be sure to place it in a secure area.

3. Money Tree

Another tropical plant that is popular this year is the money tree, or Pachira Aquatica. Despite the absence of colorful blooms, it has other lovely characteristics, including a braided stem and leaves that resemble palm trees and are a stunning bright green. This centerpiece plant will instantly improve the look of your house. Not to mention that people consider the money tree to be lucky and a symbol of prosperity.

Whether you accept this or not is completely unimportant. In actuality, by adding the Pachira Aquatica plant to your collection of houseplants, your home’s decor and atmosphere will both be enhanced. Despite the fact that this plant is not harmful, giving it to pets can upset their stomachs.

4. Bromeliad

This plant has the perfect combination of eye-catching foliage and colorful blossoms. The sharply curved petals on the bromeliad’s vividly colored flowers give them a distinctive appearance, while the plant’s leaves have an amazing design that resembles a sword. Therefore, it is easy to envision how this perennial is quite popular this 2023 and looks wonderful next to your money tree. One of their best advantages is also the fact that they are non-toxic.

5. Alocasia

Alocasia plants, including the Silver Dragon species, are among the popular houseplants with distinctive foliage. Both varieties of Alocasia feature deeply veined leaves, which are what attract so many gardeners and make them so desirable. Warm environments with plenty of light are optimal for Alocasia plants. All portions of the alocasia plant are poisonous because they contain calcium oxalate crystals. It is advised to treat these plants carefully and to keep children and pets away from them.

6. Parlor Palm

The parlor palm is a massive statement plant that is good for people because of its amazing air-purifying abilities. Therefore, you want to think about adding it to your collection of indoor plants. The parlor palm is also a low-maintenance, nontoxic plant that can enhance your interior design. Given that it has a tropical vibe from its green foliage and leaves that resemble palm trees, this plant can instantly become anyone’s favorite.

7. Philodendron

Both Birkin and Philodendron Shangri-La were popular indoor plants in 2023, and they will likely continue to be for a very long time. These two varieties of philodendron are not really identical to one another, with Shangri-La having wider, heart-shaped green leaves with brighter tones and a glossy appearance.

The philodendron Birkin is smaller and has a greener hue to its leaves. Whether you pick one or both, these plants will undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to your collection of indoor plants. The only downside is that, because philodendrons contain calcium oxalates, they are poisonous to both humans and animals.

8. Fishbone Cactus

Did you know that the zig zag cactus, also known as the fishbone cactus, is indigenous to Mexico? This houseplant, which was popular in 2021, is still popular this year. The fishbone cactus is still a common houseplant that you may want to add to your collection at any moment because of its lovely yet distinctive glossy foliage of vivid green and the premise that it takes little maintenance. 

9. Boston Fern

Ferns are among the most common varieties of indoor plants in 2023. One of them is the Boston fern species, which has full foliage and ruffled leaves. It would look amazing draped from the ceiling or placed on higher ground. This nontoxic leafy fern species thrives in damp environments, making it a great plant to keep in the bathroom where, ideally, you may create your own personal jungle of tranquility.

10. Devil’s Ivy

The Devil’s Ivy is just as intriguing as it sounds. This houseplant is exceptionally attractive with its vining structure and heart-shaped foliage in vibrant green and yellow tones. The Devil’s Ivy plant would look fantastic in a hanging container or planter because it can reach significant heights. Your interior design and collection of houseplants will be beautifully complemented by a draping aesthetic. You just have to be careful when handling Devil’s Ivy because it is similar to Philodendron and is equally harmful.


These attractive houseplant trends are adaptable and diverse, so regardless of your level of gardening experience, you will certainly find something you like within this carefully picked collection.

Whether you desire plants with blooming flowers or colorful foliage, many climbing houseplants, or a balanced mixture of all of them, what is certain is that they will all work well together.

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