Just several decades ago, making your way into the art of bonsai was not deprived of various difficulties.

Readily-available kits for the beginner or experienced bonsai tree gardeners were not as widely spread as they are nowadays. But if the more advanced bonsai enthusiasts could at least understand better what they need to look for, newbie bonsai enthusiasts were often discouraged by the lack of easily-accessible kits.

Fortunately, things have dramatically changed!

However, when looking for the best bonsai starter kits for beginners up-to-date, there are important factors you need to keep in mind in order to pick the most suitable set for your needs and personal preferences.

Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1: Consider the Type of Tree you Want to Introduce to the Art of Bonsai

At the very beginning, it may seem as if there are too many milestones on your way to figuring out where to start from as a bonsai tree gardener.

However, things are actually much simpler than how they tend to make one bonsai newbie feel like.

The very first and most important step of selecting the best bonsai starter kit actually begins with selecting the best type of tree that matches the climate, lifestyle, time, and space conditions you can ensure.

Don’t skimp on proper research and choose a type of tree that will be able to thrive when introduced to your personal schedule and the unique conditions you can provide based on your location and other highly personal details.

Step 2: A Little Planning Takes you a Long Way

Once you decide on the type of tree that will work best for you, it’s time for some more planning.

Many of the best bonsai starter kits for beginners come with seeds. That means you will start growing your bonsai tree literally from scratch – and this has both pros and cons.

If you are feeling rather insecure in your gardening skills, it might be a better idea to opt for a bonsai beginner starter kit that isn’t tailored towards growing from seed. Young plants and seedlings are extremely sensitive and this can lead to issues on your way as a newbie bonsai tree gardener.

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Step 3: A Complete Instructional Guide can be your Best Friend

Indeed, beginning your journey as a bonsai tree gardener tends to be filled with insecurities. But choosing a bonsai starter kit that comes with a readily-available, complete instructional guide can be of your utmost assistance.

Some of the best bonsai starter kits do offer a full, step-by-step guide that sheds more light on each of the important stages of your bonsai adventure – this can include anything from when and how to re-pot to the do’s and don’ts of pruning, feeding, watering, etc.

A complete instructional guide is much like a cookbook – you simply follow the precious pieces of advice and grow your bonsai tree with more confidence and ease, just like you would use a cookbook to help you in creating an excellent dish for your beloved ones.

Do make sure to check out if the bonsai starter kit you have selected provides a comprehensive guide that will be of your best help, though, because not all instructional guides are created equal.

Step 4: Check Every Piece Available in a Bonsai Starter Kit Very Carefully

Nobody can go this extra mile for you but your time and efforts will repay once you lay your hands on the best of the best bonsai starter kit for beginners.

Check the type of fertilizer available in a kit – is there useful and comprehensive information regarding its content and/ or recommended feeding schedule?

Also, is the starter kit suitable for indoor and/or outdoor bonsai growing? What about the seeds – do they require stratification to be germinated successfully?

Last but not least – is the starter kit you’ve selected suitable for people who have never grown bonsai before or is it better tailored to people who are already familiar with bonsai but still prefer to stick to a more easy-to-apply, beginner approach?

Fortunately, we live in an era of open Internet communications. Even though it can feel a bit overwhelming, taking the time to check out the reviews of other bonsai tree gardeners can truly make a huge difference in helping you select the best bonsai starter kit for beginners that will match your unique demands and requirements.

The Wrap-Up

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As Meister Eckhart wisely stated, “Be willing to be a beginner each and every morning.

These wise words are probably the most suitable way to understand the right approach to being a bonsai tree gardener – nobody is learned with built-in skills on that matter but it is the journey of learning that makes the art of bonsai so profoundly beautiful.

The number one rule in choosing and further exploiting the best bonsai starter kits for beginners can be wrapped up with the traditional Japanese proverb “Heaven helps those who help themselves.