Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture For Sale – Copper Oak With Hammered Leaves 19Hx18Wx18D


Made of 20 and 26-gauge solid-copper wire. The inside of the sculpture consists of the heavier wire for power. The outer levels are made using the thinner wire for a finer feel. The ends of each twig are hammered flat to make the leaves. This bit has started to patina creating a soft green colour. The foundation is an extremely hefty 8″x1.5″ strong clear-glass container. The sculpture is mounted to the foundation using a bonding agent combined with sea sand and modest pebbles. The sea sand and smaller pebbles are painted yellow, green and white and providing the impact of moss.


Purchase this Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture online for a special price of $649.00. Bonsai tree will be shipped to your home within the week.