Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree For Sale – Large Coiled Trunk Style (Arboricola Schefflera ‘Luseanne’)


Here is the bonsai tree that we recommend if you’re inexperienced with bonsai trees or you may not possess a green-thumb. In our view, it’s among the simplest bonsai trees to take care of and is an extremely wonderful, trouble free ever-green. In the event you do not know which tree to purchase as a present for somebody, this is the bonsai to choose. This adaptable bonsai is very good for home, workplace, dorm or anywhere and does well in low to high-lighting conditions. Our bonsai features tiny umbrella-shaped leaves forming a dense green canopy. Very popular and easy indoor care.


Purchase this Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree online for a special price of $49.95. Bonsai tree will be shipped to your home within the week.