Pink Quill Bromeliad Bonsai Tree For Sale in Lava Rock (tillandsia cyanea)


Terrestrial, earth-house bromeliads take water in through their root systems, along with through specific scales on their leaves which empower them to absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. The roots of these ephiphytic bromeliads function to anchor them with their host crops, often instances large in the tree tops where lifeless leaves rot and rain fill the central “cup” of the plant. The bromeliad species smaller genus, Tillandsia, (usually called “air plants”) may be pasted into a magnet or attached to driftwood or some such thing. We, at Bonsai Boy, drill a hole in a textured part of lava stone for the Pink Quill bromeliad to develop. Our Pink Quill bromeliad is vey simple to take care of. Simply fill the bottom of the plant with water and be sure that it remains on a tray full of water. The flower will last for months and then reappear after it’s rested.



Purchase this Pink Quill Bromeliad Bonsai Tree online for a special price of $24.95. Bonsai tree will be shipped to your home within the week.