Flowering Mimosa Bonsai Tree For Sale – Medium (leucaena glauca)


The Mimosa adores sun and is drought-tolerant. It folds its leaves underwater pressure, avoiding water loss and under critical conditions it is going to defoliate before the rains return. The Mimosa can blossom through the entire year. Blooms are white using a white foundation, seeking like white pom-poms and are self-fertilizing. It will take about four months after flowering for the extended flattened pods to develop and liberate seeds. The Mimosa seeds have a tough layer which needs scarification (abrasion) and germination is generally 6-10 days after sowing. Interesting tree and easy in door care.


Purchase this Flowering Mimosa Bonsai Tree online for a special price of $49.95. Bonsai tree will be shipped to your home within the week.