Flowering Winter Jasmine Bonsai Tree For Sale (jasminum nudiflorum)


Winter Jasmine is native to western China and has been cultivated in the West considering that the mid-1800’s. It’s vibrant, shiny, green pinnate leaves broken up into 3 oblong leaflets. We develop this winter-hardy, vine-like shrub into tree shape. Ahead of the leaves appears this blooming beauty produces 1″ glowing yellow flowers in the bottom of its own stalks and slowly flowers up the stalks. By late wintertime it blooms in the ends of the stalks. Branches will root and create new plants where trailing branches contact damp earth. Deciduous. Keep outside.


Purchase this Flowering Winter Jasmine Bonsai Tree online for a special price of $45.95. Bonsai tree will be shipped to your home within the week.