Flowering Tillandsia Bonsai Tree For Sale Air Plant (epiphytic)


The Blooming Tillandsias are appealing and fascinating members of the Pineapple family otherwise called the bromeliad family. They’re native in the southern US, Mexico, and Central and South South Usa. Most Tillandsias grow on trees or stone without land. They obtain all their water and nutrients through scales on their leaves called trichomes. In character, nutrients are given by rotting leaves, debris, or insect issue. Their wire-like roots are useful for anchoring just. The Tillandsia enjoys bright light but not direct sun light. A shaded veranda or near a bright window inside your home. The crops blooms have eye-catching like purple blossoms also it has to be held from intense cold. It enjoys clean air every so often. Wet your plant 1-2 times weekly. A humidity/drip tray may be used to supply humidity.


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