Flowering Texas Ebony Bonsai Tree For Sale (Pithecolobium Flexicaule)


Acacia/Mimosa family. Native to Texas and Mexico and is well suited for dry, indoor locations. The brief branches are clothed in tiny dark-green, bi-pinnate (compound) leaflets and make a wide rounded canopy which casts a filtered shade below. Leaves fold-up during the night or in dim light. Contacting the leaves will not set it to rest as in some Mimosa. Short thorns are interspersed on the list of branches. From June to August is embellished with dense, plume-like spikes of very fragrant, light yellow to white flowers at the conclusion of its own branches. Dark brown woody seed capsules follow the flowers and remain on the tree for months. In Mexico these seed pods are eaten as well as the shells roasted and used as a coffee substitute.


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