Flowering Lemon Bonsai Tree For Sale (meyer lemon)


Sweet California Meyer Lemon. This tree always has something going on, possibly it’s in fresh fruit or flower and at times both. It flourishes in just about any clime, provided that it’s brought inside before freezing. Evergreen leaves with excellent aromatic large dimensions fruit. Stunning selection of purplish-white flowers having a wonderful aromatic odor. The Meyer Lemon is a combination between a real lemon and a Mandarin orange. The fresh fruit is yellowish and rounder than a real lemon and is sweeter and h-AS a less acidic taste compared to common Lisbon or Eureka grocery store assortments. Great for inside.


Purchase this Flowering Lemon Bonsai Tree online for a special price of $89.95. Bonsai tree will be shipped to your home within the week.