Flowering Blackberry Bonsai Tree For Sale (Rubus Fruitcosus)


The blackberry is an edible fruit made by the species Rubus. What differentiates the blackberry from its raspberry family members is if the torus (stalk)is decided with all the fruit. When deciding on a a blackberry fresh fruit, the torus (stalk) remains using the fruit. The normally black fruit isn’t a berry in the botanical sense but is an aggregate fruit, composed of little drupelets. The fruit is created by honey-bees and other pollinators. Blackberries are perennial plants which produce arching & vigorous developing canes. The blooms are produced in late spring & early summer. Each blossom is all about 2-3 cm in diameter with five (5) white or light pink petals. Keep outside as a winter chill must stimulate flower bud growth.


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