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Best Bonsai Books

It is not uncommon for many beginner bonsai aficionados to upgrade their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the major principles of bonsai through suitable and easily-available educational books. Fortunately, finding the best bonsai books nowadays has become an…

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Art of Bonkei: A Bonsai Landscape

Japan has fantastic natural landscapes and breathtaking views. Japanese people are proud of these natural sceneries and use different ways to show their affection. A traditional way to highlight the beauty of the country is by bonkei or a three-dimensional…

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How To Shape A Bonsai Tree
A successful bonsai growing is the result of careful care and shaping. It is a form of art that requires a great deal of attention as well as patience. The goal of bonsai is to achieve “keisho-sodai“, which means “small...
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