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Bonsai Trees

Bonsai Tree Styles

Formal Upright – Chokkan Basis of bonsai style The trunk of the tree is perfectly upright and straight, with the apex of the trunk directly over the base. Branches are regular, and progressively decrease in width and level of foliage from…

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Wire Tree Sculpture Bonsai Trees

Introduction Have you been considering getting yourself one of those gorgeous bonsai trees for your office? Your desk is lacking a touch of nature, and a bonsai tree seems like the perfect breath of fresh air, doesn’t it? However, there…

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How To Shape A Bonsai Tree
The roots of the bonsai are composed of the exposed surface roots and the underground root structure. The external roots are called the nebari. Cultivating a proper nebari is crucial to proper bonsai growth and appearance. If working with an older...
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