Bonsai Pot Tokoname

It was in the post-war period when Koyama Fujio developed a category known as the Six Ancient Kilns. The Six Ancient Kilns, namely Echizen, Seto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Tanba, and Bizen encompass the distinguished kilns that crafted the most valuable and…

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How to Bend Bonsai Tree Trunks

One of the more distinct features of a bonsai tree is the motion. This attributes to bends, twists, and shapes occurring in the trunk of the tree. If you’re engaging with your own bonsai tree, at times the simplest method…

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How to Bonsai a Lemon Tree

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese plant art technique that makes normal tree seedlings and turns them into miniature art pieces of nature. The art of bonsai is only achieved by constantly bending, hold down, and cutting the branches. These miniature…

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How To Revive A Bonsai Tree With Brown Leaves
Bonsai trees are considered as smaller versions of full-sized trees, and they have increasingly become popular over the years. While bonsai trees may look ornamental from the inside of a home or a beautiful Zen garden, they are requiring all...
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