Best Bathroom Plants

Want to create a misty sanctuary in your bathroom? You’d be surprised at how simple it is. After all, the majority of plants prefer moisture, and the majority of bathrooms have plenty of it. However, many bathrooms do not have a lot of natural light; thus, picking plants that can withstand dark or indirect lighting is essential. Bring a few plants into the bathroom, so you may discover that some plants that were barely making it in one area can flourish there after the steam of your shower does its magic.

By adding some greenery to the decor and improving the air quality with houseplants, bathrooms may be made to seem cozier. Some houseplants thrive in the warm, humid environment that bathrooms frequently provide, and there is always water on hand to irrigate them.

Even so, since some plants may not thrive in those conditions, you still have to make wise plant selections. For instance:

  • When not being used, especially at night, a bathroom gets cooler and less humid even though it produces plenty of warm, moist air while taking a shower. You have to keep in mind that many plants do not thrive in these extreme temperature variations.
  • Not all plants thrive in high relative humidity; succulents, for example, prefer drier environments and can rot if kept consistently moist; excessive humidity can also cause powdery mildew to grow on some houseplants.
  • Most of the time, many bathrooms receive relatively little natural light. If that’s the situation with your bathroom, don’t give up yet. Plenty of light in plant-friendly wavelengths is produced by fluorescent lamps.

Low light, extreme humidity, and temperature variations are three things to take into account while selecting plants for a bathroom. 

Best Plants for Bathrooms

Here are some plant ideas that will thrive in typical bathroom circumstances.

1. Lucky Bamboo

This quickly growing plant requires very little light, which makes bathrooms with small windows the perfect place for it. Additionally, soil is not required. Simply place the stalks in a vase with water, pebbles, and a water change every 2 to 4 weeks to allow them to flourish.

2. Aloe vera

This plant is regarded as the “plant of immortality” since it is practically impossible to kill, making it perfect for individuals who love plants but lack the time to care for them properly. Furthermore, the aloe needs so little water that it might be able to get by with just the humidity in the bathroom.

3. Snake Plant

Even though some people might find the name disturbing, these adaptive plants can thrive in a range of temperatures and moisture levels, bringing a revitalizing splash of green to any space. These plants are also excellent air purifiers, making them perfect for bathrooms.

4. Air Plant

These magical-looking plants, as their name suggests, do not need soil to flourish. You may place them directly next to the shower because they collect the water they require to live from the humidity. These hardworking tillandsias will take better care of themselves even if they don’t receive the ample bright, indirect light they need to thrive.

5. Peace Lily

This air-purifying houseplant is among the most attractive ones available with its white flowers bordered by deep green leaves. They can develop into huge bushes, which would easily fill a portion of a larger bathroom and adapt well to low, indirect light. Water it only when the leaves begin to droop, and otherwise leave it alone.


6. Bird’s Nest Fern

This luscious plant infuses any bathroom with a touch of the tropics. They thrive in low to moderate light and tolerate a little increased humidity, making them an excellent choice for a windowed bathroom.

7. Boston Fern

A Boston fern is the appropriate plant for you if you want a more lush and bushy result, assuming you have the space. Additionally, it is a tolerant and flexible houseplant. This houseplant’s fountain-like spread looks stunning in huge floor pots, container stands, and hanging pots in your bathroom.

8. Pothos

These commonplace plants have stunning cascading vines that could really add brightness to any place. They are adaptable growers that may prosper in a number of diverse settings, including dimly lit areas and outright neglect. Additionally, pothos are an excellent choice for a bathroom because they tolerate humidity.

9. Philodendron

These appear to be tiny plants, but they develop trailing vines that reach several feet, making them perfect for draping down a wall from a bathroom windowsill. They are known for their heart-shaped foliage and trailing vines. They only require water every two weeks and moderate to low light.

10. Cast Iron Plant

You know how much we adore cast iron, and the same goes for these hardy plants. These hardy tiny greens can endure intense heat, insufficient watering, and poor light. They thrive in low to moderate light, regular watering, and a brief period of time to allow the soil to dry up before re-watering. In all honesty, our skillets need more care!

11. Begonia

Begonias look lovely on a deck or patio, but in the wintertime, they have to be moved inside, and there is no better place than the bathroom. They can actually spend the entire year there since they enjoy the humidity and the bright, indirect light. Additionally, because begonias thrive in fluorescent lighting, they are perfect for restrooms without windows.

12. Areca Palm 

Compared to the other plants on this list, this one grows to be comparatively larger. However, it is easily maintained and structurally sound. Give this plant a special spot in your bathroom, preferably by the shower, bathtub, or vanity.

13. Money Plant

Another well-known, low-maintenance indoor plant that grows best in either soil or water is this evergreen climber. You can train your money plant to climb unsightly pipelines, hang it from windowsills or high shelves, or let it cascade down from shelves. As a result, it works especially well in compact bathrooms.

14. Chinese Evergreens

These low-maintenance perennials, called Chinese evergreens, are indigenous to tropical and subtropical climates. This bushy plant has striking leaves that are variegated with pink, white, or silver streaks. The tiny plants can be positioned high up on shelves or even over the vanity countertop. But as soon as they begin to outgrow this, you have to change the plant’s pot and place it on the ground.

15. Orchid

While orchids are known to be finicky flowers, restrooms provide the humid air and indirect lighting they require to thrive. They thrive especially well in bathrooms with windows since the light can promote blooming and, with more hope, reblooming.

Think About the Type of Bathroom

When choosing plants for a bathroom, it’s common to assume that they must withstand humid conditions. However, main bathrooms or family bathrooms with frequently used showers or bathtubs are the only places where persistent humidity is actually present. In contrast to a family bathroom, a guest bathroom or powder room may actually have more dry and dark circumstances most of the time. Plants for a guest bathroom should be able to tolerate dry, dark environments well. Pick plants that will thrive in the conditions of the bathroom after taking that into account. 


A great way to make your bathroom come to life and turn it into a peaceful hideaway after such a long day at work is by adding houseplants. As long as you follow a few basic guidelines, such as choosing plants that can tolerate high humidity, varying temperatures, and lighting conditions, our best recommendations are a fantastic way to start.

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