Trained Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees may be purchased in a variety of stages. Fortunately, impatient tree buyers can purchase a bonsai tree that has already received training. 
Furthermore, a pre-trained tree is best for novices as a bonsai expert has spent many years growing their trees from seeds or sprouts.

An added benefit of investing in a pre-formed tree is that the purchaser will be able to enjoy the tree immediately.

Consumers who buy previously-trained bonsai trees will find it difficult to change the tree’s form to suit their preferences. Nevertheless, pre-trained trees may be formed a little, but the changes will be slight.

Grown bonsai trees are rather expensive due to the time spent growing and forming them. Also, there is immense satisfaction for gardeners when they grow their own bonsai tree as each tree is likely to reflect the personality of the grower.

Bonsai trees have commonalities, but each one has its own unique qualities.

Bonsai tree growers should have fortitude and imagination when in the tree training process. Tree growers should first select the proper container for their bonsai tree.

The pot must contain water drainage holes that are large enough to let the water empty out while holding soil inside.

Also, gardeners will need to make sure that their bonsai pot is large enough for the roots to grow while being deep enough to cover them.

New bonsai growers should consider a pot that is at least three inches deep.

Gardeners will need to decide if they want to start with a seed or small sapling. Novice growers may want to begin with a small plant since they grow more quickly and easily.

Another tip for new bonsai gardeners to consider is to select a tree species that adapts well to becoming a bonsai such as banyan fig, juniper or red Japanese maple.

When starting out, growers should place the soil into the plant pot and add the seeds or sprout.

Additionally, bonsai gardeners will need to prune the tree by eliminating small shoots and branches with extra focus on the lower section of the tree.

Growers should prune the tree to keep the branches proportioned equally and symmetrically.

Wire should be wrapped clockwise or counter clockwise around the trunk of the tree and over the branches. Additionally, whichever direction is chosen must be maintained throughout the tree.

Also, bonsai shapers should form the wire around the tree branches in a desired shape.

Novice bonsai gardeners should remember to:

  • Purchase the right sized pot
  • Trim their bonsai tree often
  • Wrap wire in the same direction
  • Bend wire into preferred shape
  • Have patience
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