10 Most Beautiful Bonsai Trees In The World

Most Beautiful Bonsai Tree

Asia is the place of origin of Bonsai tree concept and this concept is being nurtured to become a world famous concept. The concept of growing Bonsai trees is popular throughout the world. It is an art of developing aesthetic miniaturization of woody or semi-woody plants in containers. There are some specific techniques for growing these trees including watering them, shaping these trees, and accommodating these trees in different size containers. Bonsai concept is also called as dwarfing in some parts of the world. It involves dwarfing plants and developing them so as to provide as aesthetic shape to these them. In this article we are going to discuss some of the most beautiful Bonsai trees in the world.

In this section we are going to list some of the best bonsai trees which are known for their unique shape, beauty, balance and realism.

Bonsai Tree At Shunkaen, 800 Years Old

This tree is known for its long age and it is said to be as old as 800 years. Master Kobayashi is the owner of this tree and has received several awards for his excellence in Bonsai art. He is one of the most known Bonsai artists in the world. This tree has a great shape and it is really a matter of surprise that how this tree survived for such a long time.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm is one of the best choices for anyone interested in Bonsai cultivation. This tree is highly adaptable to different types of climates and it is easy to take care of this tree. You can achieve a nice structure with this tree with the application of minimum Bonsai techniques. Generally these trees are 10 to 12 inches tall and it is suitable for indoor environment.

Blue Japanese Wisteria Bonsai

It is one of the most exotic choices when it comes to cultivating bonsai trees. These trees are found in China, Japan, and Korea and they can grow as long as 30 feet tall in wild. The Wisteria flowers are of different colors including pink, purple, blue, and white. They appear beautiful as well as aromatic. The main ingredient of having a nice looking Wisteria bonsai is to provide lots of water, ample fertilizer, and adequate drainage to these trees.

Goshin by John Y Naka

It is one of the most amazing Bonsai trees that exist in modern world and it was designed and developed by John Y Naka. This tree is often considered as forest planting of the well-known eleven Foemina junipers and its training started in 1948. This tree was donated to the National Bonsai Foundation in the year 1984 and since then it is put on display at United States National Arboretum.

Pinus Silvestris

Stefano Frisoni is behind this bonsai tree and this tree is highly cherished for its realistic appearance. It has lush green foliage pads making it appear dense and it seems as if it is a bunch of clouds floating in the sky. The main attractions of this tree include the great quantity of branches and the solid layout of main trunks of the tree.

Rocky Mountain Juniper by Walter Pall

Walter Pall is a very well-known bonsai artists and he is considered as the hero of this field. Rocky Mountain Juniper is among the most known bonsai trees created by him and it has won Crispy Cup Award against its name in Italy. Walter Pall has one of the best bonsai tree collections along with hom. Rocky Mountain Juniper is known for its great shape and realistic looks which makes it one of the best Bonsai trees of the world.

Acer Palmatum, Japanese Maple by Walter Pall

This is one of the greatest bonsai trees throughout the world and it is by the legendary bonsai artist Walter Pall. This maple tree is nearly 1 meter high and it is one of the biggest bonsai tree as well. This tree is said to be nearly 100 years old and it is true masterpiece designed with great passion by its artist. This tree even won Art of Bonsai Photo Contest making it very exceptional and loved tree. The best part about the trees created by Walter Pall is the image of his own bonsai concept in these trees rather than following the traditional methods.

Brazilian Rain Tree, Budi Sulistyo

This Brazilian Rain tree is grown from a small cutting and it later developed into a great bonsai tree. It is among one of the most famous bonsai objects which belongs to the tropical. This tree is a native of Central and South America and it also among some of the most loved tropical trees in the world. The best environment for this tree is highly humid area and its trunk grows like the trunk of a giant old tree.

Small Bonsai, Shohin Tree, Morten Albek

It is a beautiful Rockspray Cotoneaster having amazing tree flowers during the summer season and red berries along the wintertime. This tree is planted in a miniature rock with a total height of 4 inches. This tree is believed to be 20 years old and it has been receiving training for past ten years or so. The seasonal change in the appearance of this tree makes it so special among all other trees.

Chinese Juniper, Enrico Savini

Chinese Juniper is one of the most popular and cherished bonsai trees among bonsai professionals. The malleability of its wood allows different shapes and styles of this tree. This tree is very beautiful and the creator of the tree, Enrico Savini has won numerous awards including Ben Oki International Design Award in 2003 and in 2008, he was awarded with Bonsai Clubs International People’s Choice Award. It is undoubtedly an amazing creation by Savini.