A bonsai tree is a full sized tree, trained to grow in miniature; it has the same genes and therefore produces the same fruit as its full-size counterparts. Although fruiting trees generally require a good amount of light, many bonsai fruit trees can handle indoor environments without too much special attention. Plenty of fruiting bonsai trees available for sale are easily maintained, affordable and will grow well in a variety of conditions. The range of fruit trees capable of growing in miniature is quite large; the following review should help you choose the one that is best for you.


Berries can be either edible or ornamental, except to small children, they see them all as edible. Both kinds are visually impressive, but edible berries have the added enjoyment of a taste sensation, as long as the children leave some.

Top Hat Blueberry Bonsai Trees For Sale

Evergreen Cotoneaster Bonsai Trees For Sale


Native to Northern and Alpine North America, the Flowering Top Hat Blueberry is a fine candidate for bonsai. In the spring, small white blooms fill the tree, creating a delightful visual effect. This is followed in early August by the appearance of sweet, full size, delicious blueberries. Fruiting continues for about a month. The Top Hat Blueberry is self-pollinating and grows to one and a half feet tall with small shiny leaves. The foliage changes to a bright red color in the fall and its gnarly trunk give it an overall pleasing appearance. Like many fruiting trees, it should be kept outdoors. A good example of the Top Hat Blueberry is available here.


This bonsai is an ornamental fruiting tree; it is a vigorous evergreen bursting with decorative red fruits in fall and tiny white flowers in late spring. The tree has smaller leaves and matures at a lower height than other species. Its semi-glossy foliage assumes a purplish tint by winter. The Evergreen Cotoneaster Must be kept outdoors. We found a good outlet for these, here it is.

Everbearing Mulberry Bonsai Trees For Sale


Anyone who has seen a child eat mulberries might want to give location of this bonsai some serious thought. As the name suggests, the Everbearing Mulberry is a prolific producer of sweet, medium-sized fruit. In warm temperatures and sufficient natural light, this generous little tree will produce flowers continuously. Mulberries are self-fertile and deciduous if you would like one in your living area, check these out.


Although not of the genus Prunus, these bonsais are called plums by one and sundry, they are actually drupes. In botany, a drupe is a fruit which has a fleshy outer layer, what we would call a skin, then a fleshy inner layer surrounding a shell, with a seed inside that, essentially a stone fruit. However, calling a Sweet Plum a Sweet Stone Fruit would be confusing and, Sweet Drupe sounds weird.

Dwarf Plum Bonsai Trees For Sale

Sweet Plum Bonsai Trees For Sale


Native to South Africa where it is called the Num-Num. As a bonsai, it has the added advantage of being able to survive indoors and also in coastal areas, dealing quite well with salt laden air. A semi-tropical evergreen, it bears fragrant, white, star-shaped flowers and then dark red edible plums. The Natal Dwarf Plum does not self-pollinate but can be hand pollinated. The fruit can be eaten as-is or made into pies, sauces and all kinds of delicious variations. If you like the sound of num-nums, you can get some here for a great value


Native to China, this tropical evergreen has tiny green leaves which are almost bronze in appearance when they emerge. The Sweet Plum sheds its bark occasionally, and the trunk becomes multi-colored. Pink-white flowers appear in spring and give way to small black edible fruits in summer which persist until autumn. Very suited to indoors. These trees are great, and good value. We found them here.


Full size and miniature citrus fruit are possible with bonsai; some are edible but rarely eaten, and others are scrumptious. Most citrus trees survive quite well indoors and have fragrant flowers which add a delightful aroma to indoor areas.

Flowering Tangerine Bonsai Trees For Sale

Orange Citrus Bonsai Trees For Sale


Historically named after Tangier, Morocco, the Tangerine is orange or red in color and resembles a mandarin orange. Similar to mandarin oranges, they are smaller than an average orange and the skin is more easily removed. The fruit can appear to be denser than other citrus, and the blossoms are pleasingly aromatic. Flowering Tangerines also survive indoors. Pick up a tangerine for a tangibly low price here.


Pretty, fragrant flowers and fruit all year round are typical of this kind of tree. However, the fruit takes nearly a year to ripen and, although edible, is not often eaten. This tree needs to be outdoors in full sun or partial shade and requires regular watering interspersed with dry periods. Do you have a space in your garden for one of these? Grab one from these guys.

Navel Orange Bonsai Trees For Sale

Meyer Lemon Bonsai Trees For Sale


The Navel Orange is a hybrid, so named because it looks like it has a belly button. Originally from South East Asia, It has been around since ancient times. The sweet tasting fruit can be eaten or juiced. The Navel Orange, as with the other citrus, has fragrant fruit and blooms; the fruit peels easily and the tree will survive quite well indoors. Here’s an excellent outlet for these trees, follow this link.

  • Sweet California Meyer Lemon. This tree always has something going on, possibly it’s in fresh fruit or flower and at times both. It flourishes in just about any clime, provided that it’s brought inside before freezing. Evergreen leaves with excellent aromatic large dimensions fruit. Stunning selection of purplish-white flowers having a wonderful aromatic odor. The Meyer Lemon is a combination between a real lemon and a Mandarin orange. The fresh fruit is yellowish and rounder than a real lemon and is sweeter and h-AS a less acidic taste compared to common Lisbon or Eureka grocery store assortments. Great for inside.


This bonsai is a cross between a true lemon and a Mandarin orange; it bears full-size lemons, prefers loamy, acidic, wet but not soggy soil, and thrives in almost any climate. This is a tree that is always up to something; it is either in fruit, flowering or both. The Sweet California Meyer Lemon will not handle freezing conditions, so don’t forget to bring it in before temperatures get too low. It is evergreen, with fragrant large fruit which follows an extravagant display of purplish-white flowers which offer an excellent aroma. The fruit of the Meyer Lemon is rounder, less acidic and sweeter than a typical lemon but still has the same yellow color. These are good value; you can get one from here.

Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai Trees For Sale


The fruit of the pomegranate are only ornamental, but the visual effect is quite appealing. This native of Asia produces bright orange-red trumpet shaped flowers followed by small, red-orange, spherical fruit, all contrasted against dark green leaves with touches of bronze. The Dwarf Pomegranate requires full sun and is semi-deciduous. Whether you are contemplating a fairytale theme in your garden, or just looking for another addition, you can pick up one of these for a great price at this store.

Personal Favourite

Of all the fruiting bonsais, The Sweet California Meyer Lemon is a lively little tree that bears full-size fruit. Meyer Lemons are sweet enough to be eaten as they are (by some) but sour enough to be used where you would use an ordinary lemon. It’s a great feeling, eating fruit that you have grown yourself, even if it’s a solitary piece, and when it’s not fruiting, it’s filling the room with its wonderful citrus fragrance. The Meyer Lemon truly is a generous bonsai. We found high quality trees at great prices, here’s the link.

Bonsai as a Gift

Although delightful, giving someone a lemon for a gift might not send the right message. For this purpose, the prime candidate would have to be the Sweet Plum (click here to buy online). Quite at home indoors, evergreen and having edible fruit. The Sweet Plum also has leaves and bark that change color with the seasons. The Sweet Plum is a gift that will not easily be forgotten. You can have one delivered stress-free from here.